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How to choose web hosting

Choosing a web host can be a tricky process, so many people ask the same question:

Which web hosting is better to choose for my site?

Everyone wants a quality web hosting at an affordable price. And we look for the cheapest web hosting. Someone thinks that in 2015 there should not occur any problems to find cheap hosting - take any and use. But this is not quite true.

Choosing a web host can be compared with the construction of the foundation for the house - as long as there is no problems - you do not pay attention to it, but as soon as problems begin - the whole house is in danger. The same things are about web hosting - its quality is tested over time. If a hosting is unstable, and its support is helpless – neither great design nor strong marketing will not help your website to become the best in their field.

Choosing a good web hosting is vital for a site!

Most people choose some hosting because of attractive cheap price or even they just like main page design. And then these people suffer in endless correspondence with customer support hosting, which, frankly, is not always professional. So please value your time and make your choice right at the beginning!

Determine Your Needs (or why do you need a web hosting?)

The answer to this question will help you determine the appropriate type of hosting. There are three major types of web hosting:

  • Virtual Hosting (Shared Hosting)
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Dedicated Server
  • Correct choice of web hosting will help avoid further problems like a transition to more expensive rates or, worse, transferring site to another server.

    To understand what you need from hosting, just ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much space will your site(s) need in total (in MB or GB)?
  • How many sites will be placed on hosting?
  • Do you need PHP and MySQL databases?
  • If you want to place just one site and you need less than a few gigabytes of – you can safely choose shared hosting. Shared hosting is often the most affordable solution.

    If you plan to create a high-loaded project with thousands or millions daily visitors and it will occupy a lot of space on hosting - you may need VDS or dedicated server. It can provide a lot more stability and greater resources.

    We could finish to review types of hosting at this point, but each of these types of web hosts can have several (up to 20) different plans within each hosting provider. And each plan, of course, has different price. Sometimes it can be really cheap. So, let’s have a short look what are the price-determining factors for this differences:

  • Number of sites
  • Availability of PHP and MySQL
  • The number of available databases
  • The number of available sub-domains
  • Disk space for websites
  • CPU
  • Traffic restrictions
  • Geographic location of the server
  • Availability of dedicated IP
  • Availability of data backup
  • Email-accounts
  • Operating system (Windows, Linux etc)
  • Additional services
  • At first sight, this table looks scary, but if you look closer this variety of will give hosting services that you need. Once you have decided about what you need from hosting don’t forget you can change the plan at any time. Just say about it to hosting support. Sometimes you can change plan even in just one button inside the account. So don’t worry if you don’t glad with your hosting plan.

    Choosing a good web hosting

    You can now select your hosting provider. There are more than 1000 hosting provider companies now. Moreover, according to public statistics, annually between 10% and 20% of them disappear with your sites and data. It's not the best idea to choose the cheapest web hosting at this point.

    So let's look what is the simple method how to choose god hosting.

    Parameter Good result
    Age of hosting provider (according to whois service) More than two years (more is better)
    Server availability (uptime) Above 99.8%
    Connection speed Find a few sites that are hosted by this company and look how long it takes some pages to load. It's very good when pages load fast.
    Support Competently and quick answers at first inquiry when ordering hosting services
    The hosting services site itself Nice design, easy to use, without errors in the text

    If any of results is negative - it is better not to use this hosting provider. Protect your money, time and temper.

    If you suddenly decided to test all of thousands web hosting - we give you a guarantee that 70% of web hosting providers immediately fail this simple test.

    What about the other 30%? Most likely any of these hosts will be on a fairly good level. But let's see what kind of hosting is best option for price and quality!

    Best Cheapest Hosting

    The best hosting differs from the fairly good. Quality of its services is always at the highest level and is constantly increasing, and of course they offer an acceptable price of hosting. And we look the cheapest one from them.

    Wordpress hostingJoomla hostingDrupal hostingTYPO3 hosting

    You can choose best hosting through reviews of existing hosting customers, maximum server availability (uptime close to 99,99%), additional support for popular CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, DLE etc.), discount prices, the opportunity to begin to work with a free test period. Also, many hosting providers offering free domain registration for a site (often only if you pay for hosting for the year ahead).

    Thanks to 11 years of experience with different internet projects, as well as continuous research in the field of hosting industry, the site chooses top 10 web hosting that can be used with 100% confidence in the stability of hosted sites. Each of hosting providers grants affordable price and excellent quality. So choose whatever you like!

    I hope this article was useful for you. We will be grateful to you if you decide to share a link to an article by one of the buttons below, or any convenient way for you. Have a nice day!

    Author Igor Levin

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